Welcome to St. Matthew’s sports page!

At St Matthew’s, we appreciate the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of our children. We aim to provide a broad range of high quality extracurricular sports activities for children to engage in and enjoy. Sports on offer for children at St Matthew’s include Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Rounders, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics (indoor and outdoor), Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Netball and Handball.

As a member of both the Youth Sport Trust and the Trafford School Sports Partnership, we attend and participate in a range of competitions and festivals with other schools from our local area. As well as this, we offer a range of sports clubs during break time, lunch time and after school which are highly popular with children of ages ranging through the school. Sports clubs currently on offer are:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Year 3/4 MUGA
(Mr Snell)
Girls Only!
(Mr Snell)
(Miss O’Donnell)
Year 5/6 MUGA
(Mr Snell)
Junior Sports Club
(Mr Snell)
Infants Sports Club
(Mr Snell)
Football fixtures
(Mr Snell)

If you would like to take part in one of our fantastic sports clubs please speak to the teacher in charge or Mrs Thompson in the office.

Cross Country 

Our children from Y4-6 have taking part, very successfully, in the cross country at Longford Park. We have very strong teams, both girls and boys, representing us and have managed a 2nd, 4th and 6th in the Y5 boys race! The Y6 team finished in the top 20, as did the Y6 girls. The Y5 girls ran with determination Thank you to our wonderful parents for their continued support, without you, the children wouldn’t be able to take part! The next race is Saturday 10th December and as you can see from the weather, the conditions never put us off! Well done Team St Matthew’s!