St. Matthew’s CE Primary School is proud to be part of the St. Matthew’s church family. We work closely with our church and Rev. Kate is a regular visitor to our school. Our church plays a significant part in the lives of our children and we attend services and celebrations there regularly.

Message of welcome from Rev. Kate Burgess

It is a great privilege to be part of the St Matthew’s School family and to be part of the growing links between the school and St Matthew’s Church.

I always enjoy my time in school, whether that is taking assemblies, visiting classrooms or enjoying end of term productions because I get so many smiles, cheerful voices saying, ‘hello, Reverend Kate!’ and a warm welcome from staff and children alike.  And so I also love welcoming the School family into Church – year groups to Church for workshops, as well as whole school events with children, staff and parents and carers, such as services to mark the seasons of Lent, Easter, Harvest and Christmas, and the July graduation service for Year 6.

St Matthew’s Church belongs to all of us – a place and space for each one of us to know our individual specialness to God, whatever our faith.

You are always welcome!

Reverend Kate Burgess

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St. Matthew’s Church, Stretford

Termly Church workshops

Summer 2: Year Two thoroughly enjoyed their church workshop today. The sun was shining so we took advantage of the courtyard and worked outside. The children learned about Jesus and his friends. They then participated in lots of fun activities to help them remember the important message of friendship that Jesus taught us. Thank you to the members of St Matthew’s Church for organising this event every term for our children.

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Spring 1: Year Three had lots of fun at St. Matthews church during their church workshop. Rev. Kate encouraged the children to take a closer look at the features of the church to extend their learning in the classroom. They were particularly interested in the stained glass windows and were given the opportunity to make their own. The stained glass windows are currently being made into a piece of art to be displayed in the school entrance.

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Autumn 2: Year Four had a brilliant afternoon at St Matthew’s Church during their church workshop. They were extending their learning about Jesus as a person. Among other things they were able to try the types of food that Jesus probably would have eaten.



Autumn 1: Year 6 enjoyed their afternoon at St. Matthew’s church taking part in their church workshop with Rev. Kate. Each class enjoys one workshop throughout the year and the theme is always different. It is a lovely way of the children learning more about church whilst having fun.

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