At St Matthews CE Primary, we follow the Ruth Miskin RWI Phonics scheme. The scheme adopts a synthetic phonics approach, teaching children the sounds individual or groups of letters make. Children begin by learning the single letter sounds (Set 1) and then move onto learning different ways to make the same sounds (Set 2 & 3). Phonics teaching begins in Nursery and continues throughout Reception and KS1.

Further information about RWI phonics can be found on the Ruth Miskin parent page.

What is Phonics? A Video for Parents

Reading beyond Phonics

Once children have completed the Phonics programme (which often takes place during Year 2), they then begin to follow the St Matthew’s approach to developing reading – SPIDER Reading.

Through novels, short stories, and other high quality texts, children learn the range of skills and knowledge required to be successful readers, enabling them to enjoy reading and use reading to learn.

SPIDER Reading covers the following domains:

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