The School Day

The school day starts and ends at different times for children in different teams (Mandela, Malala, Pankhurst and Turing). This is so that we can facilitate good social distancing between families as they come onto site and queue at the classroom door. The children come straight into school, washing their hands, and begin learning in their classrooms.

Once all children are in by 9.00am, lessons start. In our Early Years, children learn through play in the continuous provision, with whole-class and small-group sessions scattered throughout the day. In Year 1 and above, the morning focus is on Reading, Writing and Maths. In the afternoon, children in Year 1 and above focus on foundation subjects, such as RE, History and Science. Once a fortnight, children take part in an art morning, to spend the morning developing their art and design skills.

Playtime and lunchtime staff support children’s play. There are a wide range of activities for children to enjoy, such as skipping, reading, drawing, sports and trim trails. Each year group has a separate playtime and/or a separate area of the playground to play in.

The children are collected from the playground; the children’s class teacher will dismiss the children one by one from the classroom doors. Please be patient with us as we want to ensure we are sending the children home safely.

School times

Reception to Year 6
Drop-off08:45 – 09:0008:45 – 09:0012:00 – 12:15
Collection15:00 – 15:1511:45 – 12:0015:00 – 15:15