Rights Respecting School

St Matthew’s is a Gold UNICEF Rights Respecting School; the very first school in Trafford to earn this award and one of only 33 in the North West of England to achieve the highest standard. We are proud to have children’s rights shining out across our community.

If you would like to know more, our GOLD report is available to read at the bottom of this page.

What is the UNICEF UK Rights Respecting Schools Award?

The UNICEF UK Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) is based on principles of equality, dignity, respect, nondiscrimination and participation. The RRSA seeks to put the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of a school’s ethos and culture to improve well-being and develop every child’s talents and abilities to their full potential. A rights-respecting school is a community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted. Young people and the school community learn about children’s rights by putting them into practice every day.

RSA in our school

Steering Group

With the help of our school council, we created a Rights Respecting Schools Steering Group with the role of driving the initiative forward through the stages of Recognition of Commitment, Level 1 award and Level 2 award. The steering group hold regular meetings to discuss our progress and decide on what to do next. They work with our rights governor, Anne, and members of staff.

Toilet Twinning

To raise awareness of Rights Respecting Schools and the work we are doing in school, our steering group created and ran a stall at our community fun day. We also used the stall to raise money for toilet twinning – a fantastic cause. Our stall was amazing and the feedback from visitors was amazing!

After learning about the UN Convention of the Child and some of the rights, staff and children worked together to redesign our school values so that they incorporated the rights that we, as a school, thought were most pertinent to us. The children in Year 6 worked really hard to adapt our aging golden rules into 3 new rules that reflect the ethos of our school. The document below shows what we decided on together.

Let Your Light Shine

As well as having a whole school charter, each class has worked on developing their own class charter in, in which they have set out articles that are important to them, how they will make sure everyone is able to enjoy their rights and how adults can support them. Each class chose a theme for their charter and the finished work is amazing!

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Rights and Diversity Week

In January 2017 we celebrated our very first ‘Rights and Diversity week’, during which we discussed and learned about our rights to raise the awareness within our school. Have a look at the piece of work below, in which Jocelyn in Year 5 wrote an incredible newspaper article to describe the events.

At the end of our Rights and Diversity week, we were very fortunate to be visited by Kate Green MP and members of staff from Moss Park Infants’ School. Our steering group spent time discussing what we have been doing regarding Rights Respecting Schools and gave them a tour of our school to show them some of the amazing learning that has been taking place.

Rights around the world

At St. Matthew’s we are passionate about ensuring that we do the most that we can to help all children around the world to be able to enjoy their rights. Here are some the events we have held to do this:

Red Nose Day

As part of our celebration of Red Nose Day 2017, our Year 5 children spent time learning about Malaria and the effect it has on children around the world. They created a fantastic poster to raise awareness about Malaria as a class. Further to this, they then produced some incredible homework in different forms to carry their work on. There are some examples below:

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Global Learning Week

During the week of the 19th June 2017, St. Matthew’s celebrated global learning week. During the week, we learned about children around the world who don’t get to enjoy all of their rights. As part of this, we celebrated world refugee day. Members of our steering group created a petition and got grown ups and children around us to sign the petition. Following this, we marched to Stretford Public Hall along with children from Moss Park Infants School to deliver the petition to Kate Green, our local MP. As well as this, representatives from our steering group attended a Rights conference held by 3 schools who had already achieved Level 2. It was a fantastic experience and we learned a lot about where we are going on our journey and gained some tips for how to get there. To end the week, we invited grown ups from our school in to see the work we had produced.

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Soccer Aid 2018

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What an amazing day at St Matthew’s! We were delighted to welcome UNICEF and footballer Yaya Toure to host the launch of Soccer Aid 2018. We had to keep the visit and the identity of the special visitor under wraps but the children were so excited when he appeared on the field. Our Rights Steering Group and School Council competed against UNICEF and Yaya on the Soccer Aid challenge whilst the rest of the school cheered our school team on. All our children were AMAZING ambassadors for our school, their local community and every child’s rights.

UNICEF asked our school to host the event because of everything we do to make our school a rights-respecting community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted.

The Playground Challenge 2018

After UNICEF visited our school, we held our own Soccer Aid Playground Challenge. We invited children, staff and families to come into school dressed in their favourite sports outfit and take part in the playground challenge for a small donation of £2. We had an amazing time and raised an incredible £427 for UNICEF. During the event, each person taking part completed a mile as a warm up before completing the obstacle course. Well done to everyone who joined in and thank you for your kind donations!

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Hear My Voice Conference 2018

On Friday 15th of June 2018, members of our steering group, together with Moss Park Infants School, ran a conference to staff and children from other schools to promote Rights Respecting Schools to other schools in Trafford. It was a wonderful event in which our children spoke passionately about rights, why they were important and the impact of being a Rights Respecting School. Visitors to our event included Kate Green MP, Mayor of Trafford Tom Ross and a UNICEF representative. It was a memorable event to be proud of. Well done everyone!

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