Welcome to our Nursery!

Our Nursery is a nurturing, happy and friendly environment, where your child will shine.

On this page you will find information about applying for a place, funding and admissions details.

Transition 2020


St Matthew’s EYFS transition 2020 Presentation



We offer full time and part time places. This includes 30 hour funded places and top-up sessions.

Parents who wish to apply for a place in the Nursery should contact school for an application form. The children’s names are placed onto the Nursery waiting list as soon as we receive the completed application form. Due to the demand for places, parents are advised to apply as early as possible by February half term each year. Nursery places may be offered earlier if there are vacancies.

If you are interested or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to pop into our school office or give us a ring.






















Our Nursery

Our school Nursery is part of our Early Years Foundation Stage along with our Reception class. Our Nursery building is located at the back of the school and can be identified by our very colourful shutters! Nursery enjoy taking part in many activities including outdoor play, educational trips, messy activities and a range of celebrations from different cultures. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and have lots of fun!

15 hour and 30 hour places 

We offer 30 hour funded places here at St Matthew’s. This means your child can have a full time Nursery place here with us. Unlike other settings, we do not currently charge any top-up fees for full-time Nursery places to fund lunchtime cover.

We also offer part time 15 hour places which are either a morning or an afternoon session 5 days a week.

All parents/carers must complete the ‘Early Years Parent Declaration  before their child can start school.  This is the form for parents to claim the 15 free hours funded by Trafford council.  This must be completed by all parents, whether you are claiming 15 or 30 hours.

In order to claim these 15 free hours, parents need to apply for them on the Trafford council website.  Trafford will then send you confirmation of these hours, which then needs to be passed on to school.





Please could you check that you have completed this form for your child and email your confirmation to the school email  admin@stmatthewsce.co.uk, as soon as possible.

To apply for 30 hours free funding, please click on the link below and email school with your child’s name and your 11 digit code.  Each code lasts for approximately 3 months.  You will be sent a reminder from the Government to renew your code.


If you have not yet completed this application, please follow the following link and complete as soon as you can

If you would like any further information or have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to come and ask.


Further information:



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