As a Church of England school, our Christian values of respect, kindness, aspiration and perseverance underpin everything that we do. These values express the behaviour we want to see from all members of our school family and play a key role in everyday school life.

Worship is central to school life and we believe it is essential to encourage our children’s spiritual development. At St. Matthew’s we have a school prayer and each class has their own class prayer and area for worship or reflection. Our worship leaders, who are children from Y5, are actively involved in leading prayer and worship at St. Matthew’s and organise our Monday affirmation.

Our new worship leaders from Y5 have been chosen and wear their badges with pride. The leaders organise the weekly affirmation on Monday mornings. They decided to change the school affirmation to, ‘Let our light shine brightly everyday.’







St Matthew’s Day 2020

Every year for St Matthew’s Day, each class plans something special to give back to our local community.

Year 6 held a Macmillan coffee morning and invited members of our school family, as well as people from our local community:











Year 5 went litter-picking in the local area as part of their Young Leader’s Award:

Year 4 collected and organised donations for Stretford food bank:









Year 3 visited Manorhey Care Centre and took part in some arts and crafts with the residents.

Year 2 visited St Matthew’s Church to help clean inside the building and collect litter from the church grounds.










Year 1 wrote poems and delivered planted bulbs to neighbours in our local area.

Reception and Nursery spent the morning planting bulbs, ready for Year 1 to deliver them to neighbours in our local area.








Our School Prayer

Dear God,

May our school be welcoming,

May our school be encouraging,

Let friendship flourish here,

Let learning fill our day,

Give us the strength to do our best,

Give us the hope to carry on,

Be our guide in all that we do,

Lord, make this school your home too,