St. Matthew’s CE Primary School is surrounded by woodland, meadows, rivers and ponds. Our incredible outdoor space means we love to learn outdoors. Outdoor learning helps to build confidence, resilience and problem solving skills. We value these skills and the team spirit that is created when we work together outdoors.

Year 5 face the beast!
With the nation in chaos you could’ve forgiven Year 5 for staying indoors and avoiding ‘The Beast from the East’. However, they wrapped up warm and ventured out for some winter outdoor games! We made the most of the snow and looked for possible sites for our bug hotel, which Y5 have chosen as their outdoor project this term. Check back for updates on its construction.

Year 4 Settlements
This term, Year 4 have been looking at settlements in their Geography lessons, learning about what makes a good settlement and what people who live there would need. We combined this with their Outdoor Learning curriculum and decided to build our own mini settlements in our outdoor area! The first 2 lessons were spent discussing and collecting appropriate materials and the final 2 they started to build. Some of their progress can be seen below and the finished pieces are set to be amazing.









Work has begun on our new orienteering course based within the school grounds. An activity testing both the body and the mind requires participants to navigate the area using a map, whilst travelling at speed. Our school was subject to an intensive survey, with the map shown below as the outcome. Children can’t wait to get stuck our course in preparation for the Trafford competition later this year.










Year 3 Stone Age Tools
Year 3 spent their history lesson in our outdoor area this week, making their own Stone Age tools. Their first job was to forage for natural materials, similar to those used by people during the Stone Age. Children then turned them into Stone Age tools, the outcome was amazing!

New Fire Pit!

Take a look at our new fire pit ready for roasting marshmallows during the winter. The children who win Star of The Week are taken out for a treat which includes all the tasty things we can cook on the open fire.


Frosted Feet and Toasted Treats!

The weather was against us all this morning but that didn’t stop us going outside for our Star of the Week treat. The fire kept us warm and was perfect for toasting some delicious marshmallows, there was even a chance to wrap up warm in our lovely hammock!