For free Read Write Inc. Phonics eBooks, activities and advice, visit Oxford Owl for Home:

RWI are offering a range of free resources so that children can continue their Read Write Inc. learning journey away from the classroom. Please visit the Read Write Inc. guide for parents.

This includes:

Set 1 Speed Sounds:

My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book

Set 1 Speed Sounds practice sheets

Set 1 Speed Sounds slideshows

Ditty sheets

Set 1 Speedy Green Word slideshows

Set 2 Speed Sounds: 

My Sets 2 and 3 Speed Sounds Book

Set 2 Speed Sounds practice sheets

Set 2 Speed Sounds slideshows

Set 2 Speedy Green Word slideshows

Set 3 Speed Sounds: 

My Sets 2 and 3 Speed Sounds Book

Set 3 Speed Sounds practice sheets

Set 3 Speed Sounds slideshows

Set 3 Speedy Green Word slideshows

Please visit our phonics page, where there are videos to help children practise their sounds at home.



Children should spend at least 30 minutes each day reading a book of their choice. This can be independent reading or shared reading with an adult or a sibling.

  • Visit Scholastic – Classroom Magazines, which sets five learning journeys each week. Each day requires the children to listen to a book, read independently and complete a reading activity. These learning journeys are differentiated to cater for all primary age groups. Appropriate videos to support their reading, questions and interactive games are provided alongside each learning journey. Five new learning journeys will be available each week. Please start at week 1.
  • Sign up to Oxford Owl, using an email address, to access their free eBook collection, developed for children aged 3–11 years old.


Shared Reading

  • Oliver Jeffers, author of ‘The Way Back Home’ and ‘Lost and Found’ has been reading his books and talking about some of the things that went into making the book. You can re-watch the videos on his website:




Poetry Time

Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc. Phonics) has added Poetry Time films to YouTube and you can find PDFs of the poems below.

The films will stay on YouTube so children and parents can join in and enjoy them again and again.

Bedtime March-past


If I Were a Hawk

Oh, Oh, the Story Man

The Monster Under Your Bed

The Sound of Music



The Happy Newspaper

Please find below, a free Happy News resource pack, that can be downloaded by parents/pupils on the link below. It’s from The Happy Newspaper, a wonderful way of spreading happiness and showing kindness to others at this very strange time. It’s a fabulous pack to print off and work through the activities. Happy News Resource Pack