You can post a question at the bottom of the page regarding our positive case in Reception or Year 4 and we will answer it as soon as we can. Only general questions will be answered and no private or personal information can be shared.
Please check out the other answers before posting as we may have already covered your question.

What about other year groups?

Other year groups will continue to attend school. The control measures in place mean that the infected people in Reception and in Year 4 have not been in contact with other pupils at school.

What about siblings in other year groups?

If you have a child in Year 4, they should isolate at home until the end of Friday 9th October.
If you have a child in Reception, they should isolate at home until the end of Thursday 15th October.
If you have other pupils at the school, the DfE guidance says they can continue to attend school.

Should I get my Reception or Year 4 child tested?

You should only get a test if your child has symptoms which include a high temperature, a new continuous cough and/or a loss of taste or smell. If they do have symptoms, this can be arranged via or by calling 119. Please also let us know by calling school on 0161 865 1284 or emailing out of hours.

What are the exact dates my child has to self-isolate for?

Year4: Your child should isolate until the end of Friday 9th October. Therefore, the first day they can leave the house and resume normal activities will be Saturday 10th October. They are currently expected to return to school on Monday 12th October.
Reception: Your child should isolate until the end of Thursday 15th October. Therefore, the first day they can leave the house and resume normal activities will be Friday 16th October. Reception are currently expected to return to school on Friday 16th October.

Why have the dates for Year 4 changed?

Trafford Public Health now measure the isolation period from the date of last exposure, which was Friday 25th September. The original guidance given from NHS/DfE measured the period from the date of first exposure, which was Thursday 24th September.  They are attempting to resolve these discrepancies to prevent further confusion.

If I get my Reception or Year 4 child tested and they test negative, can they return to school?

Unfortunately, even if a contact tests negative during their 14 day self- isolation period, this only means they didn’t have the virus when the test was carried out. They could still develop it later during the isolation period so they must remain at home for the full 14 days.

I have a child in another year group and no childcare – how do I manage drop off and collection?

This will be a challenge for some parents. In the first instance, we ask that you try and make arrangements within your household, support bubble or childcare bubble. If you are unable to make alternative arrangements, please get in touch and we can discuss how we may be able to help with this.

Can I keep my other children at home?

The Government has set out the guidance for attendance, which means that only pupils who are shielding or self-isolating will be marked with code X which does not count against their absence. Pupils who can and should attend school, but choose not to, will not be marked this way (this includes siblings of contacts). As a school, we are sympathetic to the current situation, but like all schools, will be expected to follow the guidelines set out.

Can my child who is self-isolating continue to share a bedroom with their sibling whilst they are self-isolating?

Wherever possible and reasonable, take measures to prevent the spread of any possible infection through the home, remembering that should your child develop coronavirus, they were infectious 2 days prior to symptoms starting. Prioritise measures such as hand washing with soap and water, using hand sanitiser etc. If anyone you live with is clinically vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable, you may want to keep your child away from them as much as possible, especially if they start to show symptoms.

Will children self-isolating have work?

Pupils who are self-isolating as a result of a positive case in school will have work set for them where the staff are available. Whilst the first two days of any isolation period will be used to prioritise safety arrangements, contact tracing and planning, more details will be sent regarding work via Weduc on Day 3. For Early Years, we will be using Tapestry to share work.

Are the Reception and Year 4 teaching staff going to self isolate?

The guidance regarding 14 days self-isolation remains the same for all contacts of the positive case, including staff and pupils.

Can my child in Year 4 come back to school if they haven’t been identified as a contact, or if they have different dates to isolate for?

Unfortunately, when a whole year group needs to isolate, as in this case, the ‘bubble’ is suspended until the end of the isolation period as there are logistical and safety challenges involved in inviting a small number of children back to school earlier (e.g. availability of teaching staff also isolating, the risk involved in placing Year 4 children into another bubble etc). Year 4 will have remote learning set from Day 3 until Day 14 (school days only) to cover this period, and all Year 4 children who are well will be expected back in school from Monday 12th October.

Can my child in Reception come back to school if they haven’t been identified as a contact, or if they have different dates to isolate for?

There may be an opportunity for children who do not need to isolate (if they weren’t in school on any date from Tuesday 29th September to Thursday 1st October) to return to our Nursery as they form part of the same bubble as Reception. We will discuss this first with Public Health, and then with the parents and carers this affects in the w/b 5th October.

If Nursery and Reception are in the same bubble, why aren’t Nursery also being asked to self-isolate?

Despite the use of ‘bubbles’, contact tracing is done very much on a case-by-case basis. When contacts have been identified in this case, it doesn’t include those children or staff in Nursery. Therefore, Nursery can continue to attend as normal.

My child is booked into Kickstart wraparound care or a sports club on the days they are now self-isolating.  Will I still have to pay for the sessions?

Kickstart terms and conditions require a customer to provide at least 30 days’ notice in order to cancel or change a booking. As per the terms of all bookings, and In order to keep the business financially sustainable, customers will be required to pay for sessions in full if they either:

    1. Cannot attend due to having COVID-19 symptoms.
    2. Cannot attend due to being in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.
    3. Cannot attend due to having to self-isolate.
    4. Cannot attend due to any other health reason.