After the summer holidays, as we were settling in to our new classroom, we noticed an unusual looking object that didn’t seem to have a place. We questioned what it could be and who it could belong to, looking carefully for clues. We all had different ideas and offered many suggestions, including a coffee machine, a torch, a projector and a camera. We followed up on our clues and found that the object was originally made in London, and was probably used in the theatre near Angel underground station, although we couldn’t be sure of this. We asked some of the teachers around school if they had seen it or knew where it had come from, but none of them seemed interested, and some even called it ‘junk’.

In contrast, Miss. JR was intrigued and came to our classroom to speak to us about it. She told us not to throw it away as everything had a use/place. We then talked about what it means to belong and have a sense of belonging, and what it means when people say they feel lost. Was this object lost? Would its purpose become clear over the next few weeks? Mrs. Jolley said she knew a book named ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan which explores similar themes, so we decided to study this book in our writing this term.



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