We monitor our children’s progress and attainment regularly during the school year. At key times throughout their primary education our children are assessed against national benchmarks. This takes place when they enter and leave the EYFS; Year One; Year Two (KS1); and Year Six (KS2).

Children at St Matthew’s thrive and enjoy great academic success. In 2017 our KS2 children’s SATS test results were higher than all national averages. Even better, our children’s performance was higher than Trafford’s overall performance which is an enormous achievement as Trafford is the highest performing borough in the North West. We’re pleased that our 2017-18 data continues an upwards trend and the children performed well across all key stages.

Here is a breakdown of our pupil progress and attainment information for 2016-2018:



































Here is a link to the performance data available online for the previous academic years.