Extra-curricular activities allow our children to develop skills, try something new and have fun outside of the regular school day. Our clubs take place after school and at lunch time. If you would like to sign up for a club, then please contact Mrs Cavanagh in the office.

Clubs letter summer term

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Here is a list of clubs on offer this term:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


·Sewing club (Juniors)

Homework (infants & Juniors)

·Football (Infants)



·Basketball (Juniors)

Art and craft (Infants & Juniors)
After School ·Netball Club (Juniors)

·Origami Club (infants and Juniors)


·Spanish Club (Infants)

Tennis (Juniors)

· French Club (Juniors)

·Family cooking club

Spanish Club (Juniors)

Football (Juniors)