Welcome to Year 1!

I hope you have had a restful half term and are ready for our new half term, it is a busy one!  Please keep checking the website regularly for updates about things happening around school. Below are some general bits of information:

Class Reminders

  • Indoor PE takes place on a Thursday and Outdoor PE takes place on a Monday. Correct kit needs to be worn for each lesson (white t-shirt, black shorts/ jogging bottoms and pumps.  Trainers are a good idea for outdoor PE as it can be damp.)
  • Please make sure that all items of clothing, including coats and shoes, are clearly named.
  • Reading Books need to be read every night with a grown up, and Reading Records need to be signed on each occasion.  When your child has read their book and needs it changing, please place both the book and the signed reading record, into the reading basket in the classroom.  Books can only be changed, if reading records have been signed.
  • Your child will have a set reading day each week (written on their reading record).  This is the day they will read to a grown up at school.  It is very important they have their books in school on this day!  Remember children can change their book at any time in the week.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday, and is expected back on the following Wednesday.


If you would like to see our class timetable, please click below

Year 1 Timetable

Our key objectives

Here are some of the objectives we will be working on throughout the half term.  If you would like to support your child further at home, these are some of the things all of the children could benefit from practising further.

  • Handwriting – We are working very hard on our handwriting at school, making sure we have formed our letters correctly, that they are the correct size and sit on the line properly.  We follow the RWI phonics scheme where children are taught a rhyme to form the letter correctly.  There is lots of parent information about this online at www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/
  • Reading – To read words speedily using ‘Fred in our head’ and to read tricky red words/high frequency speedily.  To help with this, I will be sending some red word lists home for the children to practise reading.  The children have to just learn these words by sight, so need lots of practise.  The more confidently we can read these words, the more fluent our reading will be.
  • Writing – To write simple sentences using finger spaces, a capital letter and a full stop correctly.  We are now beginning to look at using other punctuation, such as, question marks and exclamation marks.  In year 1, the children need to be able to join two sentences using a conjunction e.g. and, so, but, because.  We are also learning about adding endings to words e.g. -ing, -ed, -s and how this can change how we pronounce and spell the words.  As we move into the summer term, we are encouraging the children to write longer pieces in lessons.
  • Maths – Over the next few weeks we are learning about position, including anticlockwise/clockwise movements, one quarter, one half, three quarter and full turns.  Alongside this, we will be learning about direction (left, right, forwards, backwards.  Then our focus will be place value of numbers to 100, which will involve comparing, ordering and partitioning numbers up to 100.  Towards the end of the half term we will be focusing on money and time.  Using money can be quite a tricky concept for the children, so any ‘real life’ practise they can get would be really beneficial. Problem solving and reasoning are really important skills.  Here is a link to some example questions, you might want to practise with your child at home.  I have highlighted the questions which are appropriate in yellow (answer sheet for grown ups is attached the the bottom of the document)  KS1 Reasoning Questions – Y1 highlighted
  • Spelling – In year 1 the children need to be able to both read and spell many of these common words correctly.  We do lots of work around this in class and try to set spelling homework including these words, but any extra support you can give at home around spelling these words in particular, will really help your child.  Please click on this link for a copy of the word list.  Y1 common exception words list

Further information about topics can be found on our class curriculum map.  Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me if you would like anymore information about your child’s learning in school.


Miss Simester


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