Welcome to the Year 4 class page. This will be updated regularly to keep you informed with the exciting times of life in Y4! All the children have now settled back in and there are just a few reminders to help you.

Year 4 timetable


Out door learning is on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Snell. All children will need their wellies and old, warm clothes. Outdoor PE is on a Wednesday and Indoor PE is on a Friday., Please ensure your child has the correct equipment in school and it stays in school for the half term.

Home reading books should be read each night to an adult.

Homework is given on a Friday and is due back on the following Tuesday. There will be a times tables test on a Friday and the children will know which table they should be learning.

Spellings will also be given on a Friday for a test the following Friday, please try to work through these with your child.

If you have anything you need to talk, about please come to see me.


IMG_0608 (1) IMG_0604 2017-01-24 13.22.39

As part of rights and diversity week, Years 3 and 4 looked at Article 14 from the UN Convention Rights of the Child – Children have the right to think and believe what they want and to practice their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights.

To explore this right, we were joined by speakers from different faiths; Reverend Kate (a Christian), Mr. Yusuf (a Muslim) and Mr. Singh (a Sikh). It was really interesting to listen to how they celebrated their religions and to pick out the similarities and differences between them. We used the information that they shared with us to write some reports and we also carried out a questionnaire and created graphs to show the different faiths around the school. We have learnt that there are many different religions and that we should all respect each other’s beliefs, and never force what we believe upon others.


planks   benches

This half term we are upping our stamina! We are taking part in circuit training in our indoor PE class. There are different stations we have to complete in a given time. These stations include; planking, bench hops, runs, star jumps and sit ups. Each week we hope to do that one more! Please encourage your child if they want to ‘plank’ at home!


egg-pic    egg-pic-2

A mysterious, huge, golden egg was found in Y4! There was a note with it asking Y4 to look after it by reading to it daily. Of course Y4 have been reading as much as they can to the egg. There were also 27 individual eggs with each child’s name on. We drew pictures on our eggs to predict what was inside the egg.Then we came in on Monday 14th and the egg had hatched, inside was a blue dragon named Brian! Further updates on Brian will be given.




We combined Out Door learning with art and designed pictures from our natural surroundings. A cuddly cat was made and obviously Pokemon was included!




Y4 have been working with negative numbers. We decided to order ourselves largest to smallest. Ask your child which is the largest negative number, they are fabulous at this now!

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